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3.5" St. Michael Statue

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A small statue of St. Michael shows the protector of Heaven victoriously defeating satan. We ask for his intersession when we need help and protection. He is the patron saint of police officers and the for all of us he is the comforter in our personal battles.   Call on him for his help and intercession!  Makes for a great confirmation or baptism gift.

  • St. Micheal is the patron saint of Police Officers.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Michael prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Michael on the front and the story of St. Michael on the back.

St. Michael Prayer

Prayer to St. Michael

Saint Michael, the
Archangel, defend
us in our battle; be
our protection
against the
wickedness and
snares of the devil.
may God rebuke
him we humbly
pray; and do thou,
O Prince of the
heavenly host, by
the power of God,
cast into Hell Satan
and all the evil
spirits, who wander
through the world
seeking the ruin of
souls. Amen.

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