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Illustrated Book of 3

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Books about Jesus, Mary and the Saints
Our set of three, beautifully-illustrated Catholic 'Book of Saints' includes the 'Illustrated Lives of the Saints', the 'Illustrated Book of Mary' and the 'Illustrated Book of Jesus'. Each book is hardcover with beautiful illustrations from our exclusive Italian 'Bonella' collection. The 'Illustrated Lives of the Saints' is a brown hardcover book with 224 pages of saint prayers and biographies, illustrated, and in full-color. The 'Illustrated Book of Mary' is blue, hardcover, and includes 224 pages of Mary, featuring rosary novenas, Marian prayers, apparitions, and much more, illustrated, and in full-color. The 'Illustrated Book of Jesus' is burgundy and hardcover, including 224 pages of prayer, including 'Stations of the Cross', 'Novena', and 'Life of Christ' prayers, all illustrated, and in full-color. Makes a great gift for Graduations, Communions, Confirmations, Birthdays, and Christmas.


Illustrated Book Series containing one of each book; Illustrated Lives of Saint (2430), Illustrated Book of Jesus (2429) and Illustrated Book of Mary (2431). Each book is 224 pages.