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LaPieta El Original Libro de Oraciones (Spanish version)

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LaPieta El Original Libro de Oraciones (Spanish version) (82 pages)

This popular prayer book, is an effort to present the beautiful truths and devotions of our Roman Catholic Faith, in order that those who use these prayers devoutly may obtain greater grace to better serve God. The book draws particularly on that gigantic source of God's goodness and mercy - a source which is virtually untapped. Furthermore, there are utilized some texts that come from private revelations which also can spur us on to receive available graces by emphasizing even a deeper devotion to God.

Prayers include: The fifteen St. Bridget Prayers, Ave Maris Stella, Prayer to St. Joseph (over 1900 yrs. old), Hail Mary of Gold, Three Very Beautiful Prayers, Prayer to the Infant of Prague, Prayers after Mass and Communion, The Rosary and Scapular, Short Way of The Cross, Prayer to the Shoulder Wound of Christ, The Spiritual Communion, Prayer or Blessing Against Storms, The Angelus, Chaplet of St. Michael, Salve Regina, St. Therese, The Golden Arrow, The Magnificat, Litany of Humility, Efficacious Novena to Sacred Heart and many, many more!

The Pieta Prayer book is available in English and Spanish. A great gift for those you love, for those on retreat, for your adoration chapel…the opportunity to draw yourself and others closer to our Lord and Savior is contained in these pages.

History of the Pieta Prayer Book:
In the early 1970s, a gentleman in southwest Michigan, Harry Faulhaber, wanted a spiritual gift to leave with people when making home visits on behalf of his parish. With his wife Lillian and a friend in San Damiano, Italy, they compiled their favorite prayers, took them to a local printer and had 1,000 copies made.

Eventually all the books were given away and they made the decision to print more. They realized that they would have to charge a small fee for the book to offset the printing and shipping costs. To keep the cost as low as possible, they asked at the post office, “what’s the cheapest way to ship this?” “Book rate (media mail),” replied the postmaster, “but in order to be considered a book, it must have at least 72 pages.” They opened the Pieta book and it had exactly 72 pages! That was over 40 years ago and we now have over 9 million books in print in all parts of the world.

Pages: 82

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