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Medjugorje Olive Wood Auto Rosary

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This hand-sized Virgin Mary Medjugorje, Holy Land Olive Wood Pocket Auto Rosary, Made in Bethlehem is conveniently sized so that it can be carried with you in a pocket or purse wherever you go, or hung somewhere as a reminder of your faith. The lobster clasp makes it easy to hang these prayer beads anywhere: car mirrors, door knobs, desk lamps, walls, or even worn as a bracelet! These mini sized worry beads are the perfect tool of meditation and prayer to help bring the peace of God wherever you go.

This beautiful pocket rosary is made in the Holy land of Bethlehem, Israel. The beads are crafted from locally-sourced, genuine olive wood. Each rosary features a full color portrait medal in the center, as well as a dangling crucifix cross.

This rosary features the portrait of the Virgin Mary Medjugorje. Also titled Mother of the Redeemer and Queen of Peace, these are the titles given by those who experienced more recent visions in Medjugorje.

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