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Emotive Instrumental Music

Whispers of Mary CD

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Whispers of Mary

This collection of emotive songs and hymns by Mark Voris honors Our Blessed Mother.

Featuring ten of some of the most popular Marian hymns, Mark and his brilliant musicians have captured both the wonderful tradition and a new freshness of each song praising Our Lady.

Predominantly featuring Mark on the piano, with accompanying instrumentals and lovely vocals, this CD is perfect for quiet listening alone or with family or friends.


  1. To a Virgin Meek and Mild
  2. Sing of Mary
  3. Bach Ave Maria
  4. Regina Caeli, Jubila
  5. Whispers of Mary
  6. Sabat Mater Dolorosa
  7. Hail Mary; Gentle Women
  8. O Sanctissima
  9. Schubert Ave Maria
  10. Immaculate Mary

Artist: Mark Voris

Format: CD

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